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This is, hands down, the best gym on the planet! Chris and Robyn have created a gym family! The atmosphere there is electric and full of energy and fun! Everybody feeds off of each other! It's nothing short of amazing!

-Doug P. Meridian ID
Lost 23lbs in 6 weeks
Dream Body Fitness is a great place to workout if you're looking for a motivating, fun, team environment where every workout will kick your a$$. Chris and Robyn, the owners, pour their heart and soul into it and it shows! The other trainers, Adam and Erin, are also crazy fantastic! Proud to be part of the Dream Body fam!

Amy Z. Meridian ID
Lost 25lbs in 6 weeks
Finding this gym has been a dream come true! I have had a hard time with gyms in the past and feeling like I just get lost in the all of the equipment and end up getting frustrated and quitting since there tends to be no guidance I would have no clue what I was doing so I wouldn't see the results I was looking for. Thanks to the help of Chris, Robyn, Erin, and Adam, I have made progress and seen results beyond what I ever imagined!! I stumbled upon a Facebook ad for a 6 week challenge from Robyn and decided to take a chance. Ultimately I was hoping to go from a size 10 to a size 6, gain more energy to be a better mom to my kids and wife to my husband, and ultimately, get ME back. I'm now at the end of the challenge, I surpassed MY goals and am in an even smaller pants size, I can run circles around my kids, and my husband and I are both thrilled to have ME back!! I find out tomorrow if I made my goal for the program, but regardless, I have gotten everything I could've ever wanted. How many times can you honestly tell yourself you still go to the gym when you are dog tired because you want to and you want to see the people and trainers? That's how AMAZING everyone there and the attitude is there!! This has been the most phenomenal experience and place I could have ever hoped and ask for!!! If you are looking for somewhere to rest your barbells and sweat your pounds off, YOU GOTTA CHECK THIS PLACE OUT!!!!!

Lindsay G. Meridian ID
Lost 5.8% Body Fat in 6 weeks
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